That’s how it works

nimbusec scans from the outside and the inside of your website. It detects every change. If a change is classified as critical we alert immediately.

Externe Scans

External scans

nimbusec sees your website just the way your customers do. Every scan detects content changes, defacements and placement of malware. On top of that nimbusec tracks if your website or any external links show up on blacklists.

Interne Scans

Internal scans

Once you place nimbusec’s “Server Agent” on your web server, we are able to look under the hood of your website. This enables us to detect web shells and backdoors, track unsafe configurations and show added and deleted files. For us as a European company, data security and data protection is key: The Server Agent only transmits abstract and encrypted data. nimbusec never reads your website’s communication and never gives access to your sensitive files.

Screenshot Mailverständigung

Whatever happens, you know first!

nimbusec alerts you immediately if a threat is detected. Through its API nimbusec can even instruct your server to switch to a backup system and its multiuser system can inform your IT specialist at the same time. If you cannot solve a problem yourself, our nimbusec Response Team is happy to assist.

Screenshot Portal

Understand the threat

nimbusec helps you to understand exactly what threat triggered an alert. Get an overview of all your domains in nimbusec’s dashboard and see critical changes in detail for every single domain – even on your mobile device.